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For most musicians, their career begins with an awe-inspiring story of great hardship and that one defining moment in life that made them who they are today. That is simply not the case for Kevin Minster. Growing up in Akron, Ohio, the Midwest life didn't exactly lead Minster down a path of great adversity. His inspiration instead came straight from real life; his music is a call to the everyday person who lives, breathes, and above all, feels.

His first, self-released album "Ask Yourself" introduced listeners to his sentimental, "heart on your sleeve" style of songwriting and launched his music into local success around his home and college towns. Now, with some new life experiences under his belt Minster is releasing his second album, titled "Heart Beats Faster". This release will bring listeners a new palette of his soulful, melodic songs that display the growth of his artistry and musical talent.

The songs on the album all draw from the spectrum of human emotion. "For me the songs reach down deep inside and connect to something real, something that the listener can relate to. My hope is that when someone hears a song they will feel what I was feeling when I wrote it and in turn they will connect with and live in that moment."

Combining efforts with seasoned musical producers from Volante Sound and Pictures, Drew Bullock and Tim Neely, the well crafted album truly captures and exhibits the level of musicianship that his songs has now reached. Drew and Tim took on a big role in the album production, working also as the sound engineers and studio musicians. "I remember after the first few sessions of recording they enthusiastically offered to add instrumentation to the tracks. It was at that point that I realized they weren't just helping me to make a good product, but they really believed in the music." The resulting arrangements breathe a whole different kind of life into the songs that fans hear in Minster's live solo act. Songs also feature the harmonies and accompaniment of musical cohort Rahim Mangalji and singer Rebecca Graham whose rich, musical presence enhances the feeling behind the music.

The album name "Heart Beats Faster" illustrates the emotional experiences of life; from excitement to sadness, passion to heartbreak. "Music is an expression. We listen to it to feel. That's what my music is all about, communicating feeling in a way that is both profound and powerful."






The following credits are given for contributions to Kevin's latest album "Heart Beats Faster":

Produced, Engineered, and Arranged by Drew Bullock and Tim Neely from Volante Sound and Pictures.

Mixed by Drew Bullock, Tim Neely, and Kevin Minster at Oranjudio Studio in Columbus

Mastered by Grammy Winning Sound Engineer, Nathan Dantzler at The Hit Lab

Album Photography and Artwork Concept by Ian Iott